Club Statement | #HelpingHannah

January 24, 2024
Club Statement | #HelpingHannah
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On Saturday, February 17 for our fixture versus Southport and during the weeks building up, we are going to be working together to support Hannah - the wife of our towering centre forward, Jack Sampson.

Just before Christmas, Hannah was dealt some devastating news and we as a club would like to do all that we can to support Hannah and Jack through what is without doubt a very difficult period in their life.

Sampo and Hannah have put together a few words to give an update.

“Unfortunately, December brought unexpected challenges into our life that we never anticipated.

My wife, Hannah, was unfortunately diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer aged 30.

Triple negative breast cancer tends to be more aggressive and has a higher likelihood of recurrence compared to other types of breast cancer.

As we prepare for the upcoming treatments and the inevitable time away from work, the financial strain has become an additional worry for us. Hannah also anticipates the emotional toll of losing her hair during chemotherapy, prompting the need for a wig to help her maintain a sense of normality.

In light of these challenges, we are reaching out to you for support. We have started a fundraising campaign to help alleviate the financial burden that comes with battling cancer. Your generosity will go towards securing a wig, and ensuring that we can focus on Hannah’s recovery without the added stress of financial worry.

By supporting this cause, not only are you helping me and Hannah navigate this difficult chapter, but you are also contributing to the broader fight against breast cancer.

I understand that times are tough for everyone, and any amount you can contribute will make a meaningful impact.

Your thoughts, prayers, and support are immensely appreciated during this challenging time.”

We will, through our social media channels and other avenues be letting you know in more detail on how we aim to work together to support Jack and Hannah.

If you feel you’re able to help by donating any prizes or events which could be used as raffle or auction items, or have any other ideas, please email

We will also be supporting Breast Cancer Now & Boot Out Breast Cancer, links to both charities with more information about what they do can be found by clicking on their names above. Further information regarding triple negative breast cancer can also be found here, via Cancer Research UK.

If you’d like to make a donation, please use the following link to the gofundme page below.

On behalf of Hannah and Jack and all of their family, thank you for your support.

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