Club Statement | Club Secretary

January 09, 2024
Club Statement | Club Secretary
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Chorley Football Club are thrilled to unveil Steve Arnold as the new Club Secretary, bringing over five years of extensive experience in football business.

Steve has not only played the game since the '90s but has also held various crucial roles within other clubs, making him a valuable addition to Chorley FC.

The club bids a fond farewell and expresses heartfelt gratitude to Graham Watkinson, who served as the Club Secretary for 14-years.

Graham's steadfast leadership guided the club through promotions, cup runs and a long-list of memorable moments. His unwavering commitment ensured the club's prominence in every decision made, holding it together through both triumphant and challenging times.

Graham has secured another role outside of Chorley Football Club, and the entire Magpie family would like to wish him continued success in his new endeavours.

Our manager, Andy Preece has worked with Graham over the past six years and had this to say:

”I’ve enjoyed working closely with Graham since my involvement with the club. He has been a constant support with many football and non football related activities.

Together we’ve had many highs but experienced some real lows. He has navigated the club through some tough times, always driven by the club’s best interests. Graham can be proud of the work he has done, pass over the reins and look forward to a different type of challenge with the EFL.

We will, of course, remain friends (at least until next Preston v Blackpool game!) and I wish G the best of luck in the future - he will be missed!”

Our chairman, Jamie Vermiglio also paid tribute to Graham’s contributions to our football club:

“In the game of football, people come, people go - most people don’t impact the direction of a club, a minority of people do. Graham Watkinson is one of the minority.

Through the most turbulent times, Graham has, carried the burden of keeping our club functioning day to day, organising almost everything - the kit, the under age teams, the referees, the stewards, the food, the travel, hospitality, complaints, training venues, signings, accommodation and once, just once, we even let him scout a player to invite on trial!

Graham joined with Gary Flitcroft almost 14-years ago and since then, he’s not looked back.

Becoming joint owner and contributing to some of the most successful times in our club’s history.

We all sincerely wish Graham the best of luck in his new role and thank him for all that he has done, including the recent transition arrangements for our new club secretary, Steve.”

Steve has already made a positive impact by better integrating the youth academy into the club and implementing new systems for improved efficiency.

His ambitious goals include securing and implementing various centralised funding projects to further develop the club.

Steve is eager to build and foster relationships within the community and extend outreach to other professional football clubs.

To introduce Steve to the Chorley FC community, the club will collaborate with the Magpies Trust for their next Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Steve will be formally introduced, and a Q&A session will provide an opportunity for supporters to connect directly with him.

A smooth handover between Graham and Steve has been completed seamlessly throughout the month of December, ensuring continuity and a strong foundation for the future.

Chorley FC looks ahead to a new era under Steve's leadership, characterised by progressive goals, innovative strategies, and continued success on and off the pitch.

Welcome to Chorley FC, Steve!

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