A message from our manager, Andy Preece

May 28, 2024
A message from our manager, Andy Preece
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AN update as transfers begin to happen.

The majority of you will now be aware that Justin Johnson has left the club. The club made an offer to keep Justin, however, Macclesfield was an offer that he felt he couldn't turn down.

Carlton Ubaezuonu has been offered a new deal but it looks like he will leave as well.

Both are great lads, had fantastic seasons and I thank them for their efforts in a Black and White shirt.

I know it’s tough for fans to see our top goal-scorers leaving two years in a row, it’s tough for me and tough for the club.

We are used to it now but something I still find hard to take. I’m sure you are the same.

We put a lot of hard work in finding those lads who’ve not reached their potential. Believe me, we will try to find more hungry lads and give them the environment to flourish, develop and move on.

We put hours and hours of research in, almost acting like scouts or being a feeder club for other teams because of the successes they have with us.

Along with the frustration, comes the satisfaction that we found those players and then developed and helped them reach their goals. Many having the best season of their careers, as we've all seen with JJ and Carlton this time around.

The players put in the extra hours and made sacrifices which have helped us to reach a position last season we could have only dreamed of.

When lads leave, they leave with our best wishes and we start the process again.

We are close to getting in the position where we are the ones picking up ready made players but we are not quite there yet.

The challenge is to keep being successful against the odds until that time comes, which I have no doubt is coming.

If we needed any proof of how incredible our achievement was last season this pre-season has put it into perspective.

What lads who’ve left are being offered in wages below, at the same level or above shows we are still not near the level financially we play at.

The owners have increased the budget in both the last two seasons and continue to review this on a monthly basis.

Despite this players are doubling and trebling their wages elsewhere, we relish and love that challenge.

We are lucky to retain so many talented, honest and committed players.

Many stay for long periods of their careers and become heroes.

Please stick with us.

You will see the improvements being made around the ground and infrastructure.

It’s all part of the plan to reach the next level and kick on from there.

It’s a very exciting time for the football club.

Together we can continue upsetting the odds, it’s part of our DNA.


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