Chorley FC celebrates young Fan Vinnie Bromilow with a special night as he awaits bionic arm

April 26, 2024
Chorley FC celebrates young Fan Vinnie Bromilow with a special night as he awaits bionic arm
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During Wednesday night’s playoff eliminator against Curzon Ashton, you may have noticed Vinnie Bromilow, a 10-year-old boy from Chorley who has been chosen to receive a "bionic arm," making him one of the youngest beneficiaries of such advanced prosthetic technology in the world.

His inspiring story caught the attention of us here at Chorley FC, so with the help of the Community Foundation we made it a very special night for him.

Vinnie spent some time with the first team pre-game before being presented with his own signed shirt from Chorley FC Chairman Jamie Vermiglio.

The night was made even more memorable as Vinnie led the team out for the Playoff Eliminator as a mascot, impressing everyone with his courage and determination.

Jamie said “It was truly fantastic meeting Vinny and his family at our game and spending time with them. Vinny's infectious energy, positivity and growth mindset are incredibly inspiring. As a club, we are thrilled to support Vinny in his journey to become the youngest person with a bionic arm.”

Niki, Vinnie's mother, added “Me and Vinnie were both overwhelmed at the effort Chorley FC had gone to, it felt like Vinnie was a VIP for the day.

Everyone made such a fuss, he absolutely loved every minute of it. Especially meeting Matt Urwin, his favourite player.

Vinnie alongside club captain Matt Urwin, Jimmy Spencer (Curzon Ashton) and the match officials (David Airey)

It was an amazing experience for both of us. Vinnie Loves Chorley FC and it meant the world to him that they are on his side, and we really appreciate all the effort they went to.”

For anyone moved by Vinnie's journey and wishing to contribute to his cause, more information can be found and donations made through his GoFundMe page: Support Vinnie's Appeal.

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