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3rd January 2019

Following the recent conviction of Courtney Meppen-Walter for drink driving, we can confirm that the player has been severely reprimanded and fined in accordance with Club rules to the maximum extent and stipulations have been put in place regarding future conduct whilst playing for Chorley Football Club.

Manager Jamie Vermiglio has expressed a wish to support Courtney with his rehabilitation and as a board of directors the Club remains fully supportive of the manager. However, we would like to reassure supporters; the decision to retain Courtney comes after several in depth discussions between board members, manager, player, family, solicitors, as well as Chorley FC’s legal advisers. It is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

The Club can categorically state that, in no way do we condone the player’s thoughtless actions and will continue to work with Courtney, similarly, with other offenders in the Chorley area through the Chorley FC Community Foundation.

Chorley FC Manager, Jamie Vermiglio said: “As a club and as the manager of the club, we, like supporters, feel let down and disappointed with the actions of Courtney. He has been deservedly punished by the court of law and furthermore, in line with the club’s own disciplinary procedure. Courtney has shown contrition, he’s very ashamed of what’s happened, and has been left in no doubt what is expected from him in the future.”

He added: “His priorities now include; to become a better role model for his son and the young supporters of Chorley FC, to further his career as a footballer and to work hard to rebuild his reputation within the local community through increased work for the Chorley FC Community Foundation.”

Courtney Meppen-Walter said: “I am very conscious of the fact that I have let down a lot of people by my actions, which I deeply regret. I’m embarrassed with what I’ve done. I have let down my family, my manager, the club and the supporters of Chorley FC, including all the people who have helped me get to this stage in my football career. I’m so sorry. Obviously, I must make up for a terrible error of judgement and I intend to do so, first by accepting the fine and punishment handed down by the court and subsequently by my future actions.”

Chorley Football Club will be making no further comment at this time.




Chorley FC is a non-league football club based in Lancashire, currently playing in the fifth tier of the English football pyramid.

Founded in 1875 as a rugby club before converting to football in 1883, The Magpies have played at their Victory Park home since 1920, reached the FA Cup Second Round twice and won a record 18 Lancashire FA Challenge Trophies.



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