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Chorley 0-1 Chester 19/02/11

Saturday February 19th

Chester gain revenge for the Magpies win earlier in the season at the Exacta Stadium, but unfortunately the result will be overshadowed by the actions of a minority of so called ‘supporters’ after the final whistle.

During the ninety minutes Chester were the better side and deserved their three points; won when Robert Booth capitalised on an almighty defensive cock-up.

The Magpies couldn’t find a way back into the match and the closet we came to an equaliser was two strikes wide of the target by Jordan Stepien.

The actions of the so called "supporters" will no doubt be aired in the coming days; here and now is not the time to go into detail, other than to say they have brought shame on the club and should be banned for life from entering Victory Park.  Many of the people involved have no doubt not even stepped foot into the ground for years, if ever, but their actions will tarnish the clubs reputation for a long time to come and no doubt the club suffer the consequences of their actions in their absence.

I, as a lifelong supporter of Chorley FC, would like to offer my personal apologies to the many fair minded Chester supporters who I met today while selling programmes prior to kick-off.  Every club has is lunatic following and indeed I met three of Chester's today too - thanks for the can of Special Brew poured over half a box of programmes!  However "our" idiots are not supporters of the club, we are ashamed and embarrassed of their behaviour and of the fact that they claim to support our club. Mark Locke (aka Locki).

Starting XI: Lloyd Rigby, Mark Ross, Jerome Fitzgerald, Andrew Teague, Andy Russell, Nathan Fairhurst, Dale Whitham, Steve Flitcroft, Adam Roscoe, John Cunliffe, Tom Ince

Subs: Jordan Stepien (Roscoe, 61), Mark Houghton, Shelton Payne (Fairhurst, 50), Lee Woodyatt, Tom Walker (Fitzgerald, 61)

Att: 3,223

Goals: Robert Booth (50) Man of the Match: Andrew Teague, solid throughout.

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